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These new podcasters are joining the ranks, using their platform to send out their message to the world. From arts to fitness, self-development to relationships, business to success, these are the best new podcasts on the platform! Ok, we might be just a tad biased! :) 

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Hosted By: Lisette Zounon

It is the destination podcast for female listeners seeking to build their self-esteem for maximized leadership skills and enhanced performance at work and in life. This podcast will encourage women on how to be assertive by effectively utilizing their voice to speak up, speak out and make themselves heard.

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Adulting for Artists

Hosted By: Timmie A. Boose

A support system for artists of all types. Whether you're an emerging artist, a dabbler, or just curious, artist/musician/graphic designer, Timmie Boose, and her guests will share strategies, stories and experiences to help you move forward on your chosen path.

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Hosted By: Alexandria Lawrence

ALSO in PINK is the podcast all about lifestyle design. How we live, the clothes we choose & how we organise our space.

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Arts in America

Hosted By: Adam Roberts

How does the arts prosper during a pandemic that will change (maybe forever) how we create and bring that creativity to others? How does the arts stand firmly behind #BlackLivesMatter and give artists of color their long-overdue voice?

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Behind the Spotlight

Hosted By: Beth Nydick

Behind the Spotlight, a new kind of podcast where we have real, deep conversations with entrepreneurs and celebrity visionaries who are making their potential possible. They are all ahead of their time, and worthy of yours. Listen as I take your favorite entrepreneurs off a pedestal and onto a bar stool right next to you.

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Boss It Podcast

Hosted By: Sophia Noreen Syed

To provide tangible advice for women entrepreneurs in areas of business, health and self-help. Each episode will have a few action items that the listener can apply if the episode resonated with them - hence the tag line "Make a plan, take action"

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Call IT in with Dar

Hosted By: Darla McCann

The "Call IT in with Dar" podcast is for women seeking more depth and meaning in their lives. Each weekly episode provides practical actionable steps in mind-set, soul-set, and heart-set living for Seekers on a mission to call more into their lives!

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Cheers to You!

Hosted By: Brooke Voris

Welcome to the Cheers to You Podcast where wedding planner, Brooke Voris, laughs her way through being a business owner, mom of four, devoted wife, and a perfectionist. From working remotely with kids, meeting tight deadlines in between household chores, discovering the tipping point from going full-time corporate employee to full-time mompreneur.

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Clued Up with Maria B: The Behind-the-Scenes Photography Podcast

Hosted By: Maria Baptiste

Clued Up gives photographers of all level an inside view of the many facets and multiple layers that occur behind the scenes in order to produce quality images in a relaxed and comfortable photoshoot session. Clued Up puts the photographer at the center of this process and focuses on the necessities of a quality photoshoot experience for both the client and the photographer.

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Coffee and Converse

Hosted By: Diane Mayor

Coffee and Converse is for lifestyle entrepreneurs who are over the trendy tactics and ready for successful strategies to fast track their business and lifestyle goals. If you’re building a business to support your life instead of living to build a business, this is the show for you.

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Confidence From Within

Hosted By: Juliana Leamen

Confidence From Within challenges your old beliefs when it comes to weight loss. This podcast is designed to show you that achieving your ideal weight is an internal game, what we like to call weight release, and to spark mind shifts for women on their weight release journey.

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Content That Converts

Hosted By: Olivia Angelescu

This show is all about minimalist marketing (aka no hassle!) that makes our audience HAPPY, not ANGRY. With every episode, certified Content Strategist Olivia Angelescu shares a road map to create and promote content in a way that moves the needle in your business, whether this means getting your first paying client or making 6 or 7 figures.

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Creatives Do Money

Hosted By: Eowyn Levene

Creatives Do Money is a weekly podcast with host Eowyn Levene, longtime self-employed massage therapist and money coach. With a combination of interviews and solo episodes, we explore the topics of topics of everyday money management, solo business ownership, and how we are fueling our creative futures.

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Crowned Opulence

Hosted By: Cassandra Conley

The show is about Sunday brunch conversations that you have with your girls. On the Crowned Opulence podcast we go beyond typical girl talk and we chat about the hard, the messy, the embarrassing, the necessary that we often don't talk about with each or enough as women of color. Getting us one step closer to our most Opulent lives!

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Dentistry for the Rest of Us

Hosted By: DP Harris

A weekly dose of deep dental dives & good vibes! Its bold mission is to help young professionals navigate early career decisions associated with building career capital, personal wealth, health, and culture.

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Future-Proof Career

Hosted By: Valerie Zaric

Future-Proof Career brings strategies for adapting to changes in the workplace.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, inspiring guests share tips on what soft skills are critical to becoming future-proof and how specific industries are changing.

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Gym Class Revolution

Hosted By: Wendy Barrios

The goal is to promote physical activity not as a means for weight loss, but instead as a self-care tool to support mental health. If you can't stand exercising, this podcast will help you learn to exercise AND actually enjoy it!

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Intentional Optimists - Unconventional Leaders

Hosted By: Andrea Johnson

There's a new wave of leaders on the horizon - everyday, amazing women, who step up to lead, contributing in their own unique ways, making a difference right where they are. If you’re into empowering women, join Andrea Johnson for the Intentional Optimists - Unconventional Leaders podcast, and get weekly tips and advice on how to grow, step up, make a difference, and yes - LEAD!

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Life & Leadership: A Conscious Journey

Hosted By: Michelle St Jane

Focused on wisdom, strength and hope for re-emerging leaders globally, my content will add value through engagement and a sense of belonging. A unique destination for learning about Leadership + Stewardship + Legacy for change-makers.

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Life Feast podcast

Hosted By: Lizzie Larock

The Life Feast podcast is for women who are tired of putting their needs on the back burner and want to rocket to the top of their to-do list. Get ready to banish stress, get back your time, and feast on life!

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Living Out Loud with Lauretta

Hosted By: Lauretta Nkwocha

LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA is a podcast about the pursuit of equilibrium for parents! Striving to be a great parent while not losing your individuality in the process!!!

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Marketing and Cocktails

Hosted By: Vanessa Shepherd

Marketing and Cocktails is a podcast for entrepreneurs, side-hustlers, and full-time business owners who want to market themselves ethically, have amazing launches and scale their business profitably. We dig into the mindset, habits, branding, marketing tactics, and business strategies that help you build buzz and make money doing what you love.

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Mindset First

Hosted By: Linda Perrry

Mindset First is dedicated to showing growth stage entrepreneurs how to build a more intentional and successful business using my Mindset First framework.

When you learn how to turn down the noise of your head trash, you learn to tune into the strategic signals of your business.

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Mom, Start a Business!

Hosted By: Cami Layne Langston

Every week on the Mom, Start a Business podcast, your host Cami Layne Langston along with other successful mom entrepreneurs will share the behind the scenes of what it really takes to start and grow an online business with little ones at home. With a mix of interviews, on-air coaching, and how-to lessons, you'll be inspired and equipped to take action towards building a business that creates income and impact.

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Money Mindset with Caroline Labour

Hosted By: Caroline Labour

The Money Mindset with Caroline Labour podcast brings a raw and edgy perspective on money based on Caroline’s personal journey of breaking free from $100k of debt. Tune in every week as Caroline shares strategies you can implement to transform your money story.

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Move Into Resilience

Hosted By: Pamela Stokes

Move Into Resilience is an educational and experiential podcast designed to teach evidence-based motions we can use to help ourselves develop resilience--and the science behind them.

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New New Marketing

Hosted By: Kay del Rosario

The New New Marketing podcast is for busy marketers and entrepreneurs. Listen to get practical marketing tips, troubleshooting advice, and case studies to help you sell better online.

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No Guilt Mom

Hosted By: JoAnn Crohn

Feeling overwhelmed as a mom? Every Tuesday and Thursday, the No Guilt Mom podcast will give you expert interviews as well as the parenting tools, resources and inspiration to not only be a happier mom, but to empower your kids to do more for themselves.

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Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt

Hosted By: Fawn Anderson

A weekly conversation series, "Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt" explores the Art of Friendship in our modern day society, reflecting on a path to understanding, compassion, appreciation, and respect for humanity, and our natural world.

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Paid Vocation

Hosted By: Lupe Prado

Lupe Prado (career and life coach) dives into diverse, unconventional career stories from entrepreneurs and professionals who are doing work that makes them happy. Lupe shares stories of pivots, challenges, and victories to inspire you to pursue your own version of career success.

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Sex.Love.Power.: The intimacy podcast for powerful women & those who love them

Hosted By: Michele Lisenbury Christensen

I’m convening the intimate conversations powerful women need to be having about marriage, sex, and power. We’ll use brain science, intersectional feminism, research-based relationship skills, and ancient erotic wisdom practices to create the love & sex you really inside your long-term relationship.

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Soul Solutions

Hosted By: Terri Kozlowski

Soul Solutions: Take control of your life and develop successful ways to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs. Join Terri Kozlowski as she cuts through the intricate thought patterns and old egoic mindsets.  We will go within to find the answers and create the life you desire. 

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Stories in Our Roots

Hosted By: Heather Murphy

Stories in Our Roots shows how knowing the stories of our ancestors can help us better understand ourselves, loved ones and even the world around us. Guests share personal experiences of how their lives have been impacted by learning about, and connecting with, their ancestors.

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Stories of Astonishing Light

Hosted By: KJ Hoard Nasrul

Join KJ Nasrul--a licensed psychotherapist and musician nursing a lifelong obsession with words and melting cheese-- in conversation about mental health, resilience and radical compassion. As creator of Bliss Begins Within and the wellness program Healing Our Healers, KJ is on a mission of guidance--with an open invitation for women, people of color, and adoptees-- on how you can embrace a creative, artful, storied life.

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The Living Your Best Vibe Podcast

Hosted By: Lizzie Brayton

Practical strategies and meditations, along with relatable, enjoyable, uplifting content to course correct and take empowered forward steps. Untangle your mind, inspire your steps, and raise your personal vibe.

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The Resiliency Factor with Lisa Marie

Hosted By: Lisa Marie Pepe

Welcome to The Resiliency Factor, the podcast that explores real, raw, vulnerable and unscripted conversations with resilient entrepreneurs around the world. This show is for passionate and purpose-driven entrepreneurs, coaches, thought leaders, healers, authors, speakers and experts who are looking for more out of life and business.

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The Retirepreneur Podcast

Hosted By: Joi Disroe

The Retirepreneur Podcast strives to help women age 50 and over transition from the corporate world into Retirepreneurship. Listeners will hear from influencers, money-savvy and business minded experts and authors who have transitioned into their own Retirepreneur Emprises.

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There's a Word For That!

Hosted By: Suzanne R Dressler

There's a Word For That! focuses on a different word or expression each week and how it impacts our lives, decisions, and thought processes.

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This Shit Works

Hosted By: Julie Brown

A weekly no nonsense guide to networking your way to more friends, more adventures and way more success.

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Unstuck and Unstoppable

Hosted By: Glenn Allen

Unstuck and Unstoppable is an entrepreneurship podcast hosted by digital marketing and business coach, Glenn Allen. Each week, Glenn and his guests share the marketing strategies, business insights and personal stories that have helped them get unstuck and become unstoppable in their lives and businesses.

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Visualise You

Hosted By: Beth Hewitt

A place for listeners to recognise their skills and experiences and feel more resilient and confident to pivot or start a business in the future. The show brings inspirational stories and practical tips from your host and Queen of the pivot Beth Hewitt and her incredible expert guests from the world of mindset, marketing, sales, branding, content creation, video and more.

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WOC Talk Biz (women of color)

Hosted By: Monica Barriga-Weyers

Hear women of color navigate career and business strategies, work around bias, and share how their mindset has shifted their work journey. WOC Talk Biz is hosted by Monica Barriga-Weyers from the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

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